HKIS has been organizing annual golf competition for members for the past 3 years. The response was very encouraging. There are greater demands from members to organize more golf outings and in a more structured approach. Previous activities relied heavily on volunteersíŽ input and it was too much for the golfers to be organizers as well. With the support of a group of dedicated HKIS golfers, the idea of setting up a HKIS Golf Society came into mind. We believe that it is the right time for the formation of our own Golf Society. The prime responsibility is to organize and conduct golf activities and golf social functions for its members. It will enable more regular contacts between members, and to create social contact with government officials and leaders in the industry. It will also serves as a forum for HKIS golfers to share their golf experience with others. We also plan to have competitions with other professional institutions in HK in the near future.

The HKISGS was formed on 30 September 2005 with the unanimous support of the golfing members of the HKIS and the blessing of the HKIS General Council.




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